Lead Generation

Its common practice inside sales rooms for salespeople to start the sales process immediately after a cold prospect has been qualified, or “warmed up” before they speak with the prospect. The reason for this is to establish the business relationship through rapport building from the early onset of the relationship.

Lead Generation varies from Appointment Setting as it provides more opportunities based on qualifications as opposed to direct appointments being set from a professional business conversation. Again, many sales organizations prefer their sales force to approach the Prospect from the onset of the onset of the sales process but they lack the time of day to make the preliminary qualifying calls to eliminate the companies that are not ideal for their services.

We provide warm leads that meet the exact qualifications set forth by the Client. You will receive the pertinent information you need, such as verified decision maker names, verified mailing and email addresses, direct phone numbers and other contact information and any other specific information that is pertinent to qualifying a prospect. Don’t have your sales force wasting time screening companies, utilize their time building relationships with qualified prospects.

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