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TG marketing provide a long line of services and offer them in two main formats; hourly and performance based. You decide how we approach your campaign and with what service we approach it with. However you choose, we ensure you that we will carry your campaign out to the best of ability because your success is our success.

Hourly plan:

3Our hourly plan is complete advertising and and marketing plan,with this option we allow you to build your own campaign. You can select from any and all of our offered service for one low, flat rate. We can set face to face appointments strictly or we can also set phone appointments for convenience, and generate warm leads in the form of e-mail addresses, fax numbers and business addresses, decision maker names and update databases along the way. Your database will be given to you upon the completion of you campaign,as verified and updated as possible, free of charge. Need customer retention, or want to survey your customers? we can do that. If you would like us to do everything, we will. Out services are available for extremely affordable rates. There is no better option in this industry, bar none.

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Face to Face Appointment Setting

This is our signature service. A vast majority of our Clients are looking for a way to reach out to targeted prospects in their immediate locale but are too busy and too important to make prospecting calls.
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Phone Call Appointments

We service numerous companies whose marketing campaigns span across the nation. Obviously, face to face appointment setting is unrealistic in these circumstances.
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Lead Generation

Its common practice inside sales rooms for salespeople to start the sales process immediately after a cold prospect has been qualified, or “warmed up” before they speak with the prospect.
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Database Updating and Verification

There’s an old adage in marketing known as “the money is in the list” and this holds true today. The biggest key to any marketing campaign succeeding is the accuracy of the data on your marketing list.
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One of the strongest tools to gain a competitive advantage is through market research. Nobody can have a true pulse on their market, there are always new trends in business, new competitors coming to market and these changes are constant.
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Customer Retention

We can help maintain your customer base as well as increase it with our Customer Retention services. These services will also help you regain old customers and members.
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Webinar Attendance

Webinars have pushed themselves into the business lexicon this decade. Sometimes a sales meeting requires a demonstration of your product and services so the prospective buyer can see the product in action and even get hands on with it.
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Event Follow Up

Another way companies market are through live events- workshops, trade shows, seminars, mixers- to help reach their audience on a personal and intimate level.
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Direct Marketing Follow Up

Direct marketing comes in two main formats; traditional mail and email blast campaigns. But the truth of the matter is that there is no correct or perfect marketing method and most marketing efforts are maximized when supplemented by another marketing vehicle.
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Market Research

Market research is on of the most effective tools for successful business. Let us help in your effort to collect information in whatever market you are targeting.
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Performance Based

Performance based programs are the epitome of a measured results campaign. Performance based campaigns enable our Clients from select industries to put together an appointment setting campaign which is priced on a per-appointment basis.
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